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Our team is small and we handle only a limited number of projects at any one time. 

We've built ourselves this way because it matches our first

core belief: 

We believe that good consulting

is built on relationships

Helping you succeed means getting to know you and getting to know your business. Staying small allows us to ensure that our clients receive the attention they deserve and that services are catered to their individual needs.

When we take on a project, our objective is to create an experience that is both enjoyable for you personally AND positions your organization for long-term success.

An effective business solution should be both sustainable and repeatable. This idea is central to our second core belief:

We believe in teaching

Not every challenge your business faces will look the same, but very often, similar principles can be applied to resolve many of these issues. 


At Lighthouse Professional Solutions, our consulting team will provide practical solutions that address your initial concerns and demonstrate to you how those solutions actually work.


By doing so, we hope to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to independently take on whatever obstacles your organization might encounter in the future.



- Principal Consultant -

The founder of Lighthouse Professional Solutions, Julie is a CPA with over 30 years of experience in performance management and program implementation.


She is a business transformation expert who places equal emphasis on both the human and technical elements of any organizational undertaking.

Julie can help you bridge the gap between your current business processes and the industry-leading practices most relevant to your company.

Alexander Hughes, business analyst, strategic planning, communications, marketing
- Senior Manager, Advisory Services -

Alexander is a business analyst with over 10 years of experience in strategic planning, policy design and program delivery.  


He specializes in delivering competitive analysis, planning and communications-related materials for clients. 

His approach naturally blends analytical and creative thinking, a style well-suited to helping clients “storyboard” their ideas and understand how key business decisions align with the vision/mission of their organization.

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